Printer Cartridges

Dependable toner cartridges that work great and save you money are here everyday. Why pay a lot for a toner cartridge when you don’t have to. Our customers save around 40 percent and print the same number of pages. Superstores cartridge prices are extremely high. Let us stretch your dollars and give you a great value on your printer cartridges.

Photo Copies

We have the lowest prices in Columbus on color copies. Superstores charge 69 cents for color copies. We charge 23 cents for a color copy that will make you smile. We go for high volume printing. Do you need 1,000 copies or more? We are your best choice. Let us be your source for copies and printing in Columbus, GA.

Laser Printer Repair

Since 1998, we have repaired hundreds of printers, saving business owners from buying another printer when their present printer only needed some small maintenance to get it running great again. Keeping 1 laser printer running over 15 years is much cheaper than buying a new printer every 5 years when you have a bit of trouble with your current laser printer. When your printer says there is a page jammed in there somewhere, let us find that impossible to find paper jam. Loads of customers tell us they have looked for over an hour for that jammed paper only they can’t find it. We will find it for you. Surprisingly, many printers that can easily be repaired end up replaced instead and it costs much more than a simple repair.